Re-Blog; Design Practice: Setting Up Your Studio

Learn from an architect how to create a workspace that fuels your business and feeds you inspiration

Houzz Contributor, Residential Architect, Founder 30X40 Design Workshop… More 


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If you’ve been following the steps in my previous ideabooks on starting your practice, you’ve navigated some difficult waters. Hopefully you now have work on your boards, or have a plan to get there. Perhaps you’ve made it through your first few projects. Either way, congratulations on taking charge of your business.Now is the time to think more critically about establishing your studio, your home away from (or within) your home. Your studio is, like everything else we’ve been discussing, an extension of your brand. It starts with where you choose to practice, at home or in a rented office space, and extends down to every detail of what you choose to display in your workspace.

Don’t let the lack of a fully outfitted, beautifully designed studio space be an excuse for not taking the necessary steps to open your own practice. Your first and most important task is finding the work. When you find the work, you’ll find a place to do the work. The studio space does not make the designer.