Re-Blog; 8 Things Every Tiny Apartment Needs


1. A bed on risers, storage bins below, and a long-enough bedskirt to conceal it.

2. No space for bedside tables? Night lights that hang on the wall will keep you out of the dark.

3. For additional counter space in your cramped kitchen, invest in a cutting board or sink cover.

4. Even though you don’t have a backyard, attempt to grow something on your window sill.


5. Don’t waste an inch with floor-to-ceiling shelving.

6. Opt for foldable dining chairs or tables that do double-duty. 


7. A clever paint job that gives a grander illusion to even the tightest spaces. 


8. A bike in the living room (because, where else would you park it?!). 

Interior design by 1. Nick Olsen 2. David Kaihoi 3. Zach Motl 4. Mary Douglas Drysdale 5. Miles Redd 6. Lilly Bunn 7. Nick Olsen 8. Zach Motl

Photography by 1. Bjorn Wallander 2. Ngoc Minh Ngo 3. John Kernick 4. Bjorn Wallander 5.Thomas Loof 6. Maura McEvoy 7. Bjorn Wallander 8. John Kernick


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