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For just a newbie here I just want to share a link guys for you to check it out.
It’s been a really helpful for me, one trying to explore this “site’ things.
So i just feel obligated to spread the info:

Check it out!I’m sure you’ll enjoy exploring as i do. Thanks for the Author.


Main Page Portfolio

Main 'Portfolio' Cover by Nestor Rosales

Main ‘Portfolio’ Cover by Nestor Rosales



Interior Design Package 'excerpt' 1

Hotel Interior Design (page1)

Interior Design Package 'excerpt' 2

Hotel Interior Design (page 2)

Interior Design Package 'excerpt' 3

Hotel Interior Design (page3)

Lighting Design (page 1)

Lighting Design (‘High-End Residential’ page 1)

Lighting Design (page 2)

Lighting Design (‘High-End Residential’ page 2)

Lighting Design (page 3)

Lighting Design (‘Hospitality’)

Lighting Design (Presentation Selection)

Lighting Design ( DiaLux Software Rendering )

Landscape Design

Landscape Design ( Hardscape/Softscape Presentation )

Photoshop Render

Photoshop Rendering Presentation

Manual Rendering

Mixed-Media Design / Manual Rendering Presentation